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water pole game

Most of the people are willing to play sports like football, volley ball, basket ball or cricket. Some would love to play indoor games like carom, table tennis, and chess. All these games are common and most of the people are ready to play but what if you are supposed to be inside water and play the game aren’t sounds to be great yes. The British governing body makes swimming games in top priority.

Water polo game

Water polo is one of the top most five swimming games played in British swimming game. The origin of the game is England where Scotland is one of the original team of the game played in first modern Olympic Games and lost the game against Great Britain in year of 1900. Continuously the Great Britain win four gold medals in Olympic in the year of 1900, 1908, 1912 and 1920. The sports needs both speed and strength as a team works to the high level of fitness an outfit player can cover two miles in each game.

Rules of the game:

Water pole game also has some rules to be followed which are listed below

  • Players are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool.
  • The players are allowed to pass the ball only by throwing to team mate or by pushing the ball in front by swimming.
  • The players should not allow passing the ball using head.
  • The player should hold the ball only in one hand not with both hands.
  • The ball is released in the middle of the pitch the team first reached the ball starts the game.
  • Each player in the team must in their own half at their right place.
  • Each team is allowed to hold the ball only for maximum 30 seconds to shoot the ball for goal.
  • If the player fails to pass the ball then possession passes to other team.
  • The player who made major foul has to leave the pool for 20 seconds.
  • If the player has committed three foul then the player has to sit out of the pool and watch the game.
  • Each team can have six substitutes.
  • Each team would have goal keepers at each side.
  • Referee is responsible for control of the game.

Like above said each team should follow all the rules while playing the game.

Game timing: As per the FINA game rules the water polo game is divided into four quarters each quarters are of eight minutes. In real life the average of all quarters is 12 minutes but the clock automatically stops when the ball is not in play.

Physicality: Water polo is a physical sport which includes swimming for position, aiming to knock away or steal the ball from opponent team. The player should know actions in game like hitting opponent without injuring the opponent. Water polo player should have more stamina in order to push, throw and hold the ball.

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