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Christmas card from Mars with giant 82 km wide ice filled crater

Christmas card from Mars
Christmas card from Mars

Astronomers recently get the snaps of the giant ice filled crater in the 82 km wide as the Christmas card or gift from Mars. It is generally known as the Korolev crater that is the impact crater near the North Pole planet that holds 2,200 cubic km of ice.

The Mars Express satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA) has sent the home spectacular Christmas gift images from the Mars (Red Planet). This Korolev Crater is about 82 km width or 50 miles containing an estimated amount of 2,200 cubic kilometres of the ice water which is in the frozen condition up to 1.2 miles or 2 km depth.

About Mars Express from ESA:

Mars Express mission from ESA in fact launched back in the year 2003 and it went into a path around the Mars on Christmas day of that year. It is now making this December 2018 as the 15th year anniversary of starting this amazing science programme about Mars.

It sends the most beautiful Christmas card picture and also two others are the astonishing celebration of such a milestone which is recognized by ESA.

They were actually taken by the high resolution stereo camera (HRSC) fitted in the Mars Express and it gives the full view of the Korolev Crater that is composed of 5 various strips which have also been combined to make a single image.

Every strip of the image was collected over the different sides and they are combined to give the original image of the ice filled giant Korolev Crater in Mars. ESA got the images including the complete view from the different directions around the crater.

Christmas card from Mars
Christmas card from Mars

Some other things about Korolev Crater:

This crater is actually named after Sergei Korolev who is the spacecraft designer and also the chief rocket engineer. He is also known as the father of the famous Soviet Space Technology. Mr Sergei Korolev worked on the various types of the popular space missions including the Sputnik programme that is the first artificial satellite sent into orbit of the earth in the year 1957.

It was definitely a great mission at that time and it was really very helpful to take the different images of the earth and provide a lot of new information about the earth to help the various science and space researches.

Once the InSight rover of NASA successfully landed on the surface of the Mars, these pictures come just within a few weeks to the space research institution. At the same time, it also sent back a selfie for acknowledging that it is safely landed on the Mars.

This spacecraft automatically took a snap of the Red Planet using its high definition (HD) camera that fixed on its robotic arm. It is continuously sending more images of the Mars and this image about the ice filled giant Korolev Crater image is going viral in this Christmas season and many people take it as their Christmas card image.

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