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Donald Trump rewrites US Syria policy

Donald Trump

There is a long standing presence of the best policy between US and Syria and United States confirms Syria troop withdrawal. The ground troops of America first involved in Syria in Autumn 2015 when then the former president Barack Obama sent in the smallest number of military forces to give a proper training and advise to the local Kurdish troop who were combating with the IS candidates.

Over the years, the number of US military forces in Syria increased at that time and today they are all about 2,000 with the large network. The current president Donald Trump have made a decision in the logical sense and it perfectly fits in with his own clear hostility in spite of huge numbers of bellicose rhetoric to embarrassments in the foreign wars.

Significant role

Some other people may argue though that the presence of the United States troops provide the US skin in the game position. It is absolutely a significant presence and the US occasion forces have actually been involved in the direct clashes with the Russian military contractors and pro-Iranian militias who tried to attack the positions of such allies.

IS might be greatly defeated but what will happen in roughly 1/3 of Syria which remains out of control of its President Assad and all of his allies. When the large portion of the Syria country go down into the renewed chaos, something regarding the IS group or similar might easily come out again.

Donald Trump rewrites US Syria policy

The United States has also played a very crucial role in blostering Kurdish groups in North region of Syria who have been a main local element to defeat IS. But such groups are usually seen by Turkey as the significant problem. It is saying that the policy shift of the current president Trump has come at the time when Ankara and Washington are trying to steer the new bout of tensions with all the required Turkish authorities. Those authorities are warning that they have made a plan to strike some more Syria areas against the self same Kurdish elements.

Now, everything has been renewed due to the administration of the Trump and also his whole approach to the entire US regions. Washington probably requires a coherent policy which extends beyond the simple slogan of having Iran. With the President Trump, it frequently appears that the policy of US is excessively aligned with the Israel and Saudi Arabia or more other options accurately with the approach of the two influential figures. Israel Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi leader Mohammed Bin Salman are taking the huge amounts of advantages from the perceived weakness of the Washington in the area to promote their very own specific policy views.

The Trump’s decision reverses the much- practised official lines of both the state department and Pentagon and it also places the Kurdish Allies of the Washington in the best jeopardy. The US pullout will actually revive a lot of questions about the administration and whole approach followed by the president Trump and still has the extraordinary potential for volatile conflict and disruption.

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