Our health is the important wealth in our life

Our health is the important wealth in our life

Health is nothing but leading a good life free from diseases. Better health plays a major role in human happiness and well being. It also makes an important contribution to economic progress, as healthy population lives longer and more productive too.

Many factors influence our health status so people should get awareness by that and should avoid those harmful factors. As government and organisations tries to make a clean and diseases free society but people should also cooperate with them to make healthy lifestyle. WHO is the one which works on health and development and tries to make sense of these complex issues. This WHO works with donors to ensure the effective and targeted health problems.

Due to this people are affected from some dangerous and harmful diseases in their day to day life, in that cancer is the common and non bearable disease, now let’s have a look into that.


Cancer is the disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy our body tissue. More people are able to recover from the disease but the scope for recovery depends on many things such as type of cancer and tumour distribution.

How cancer begins?

Cancer starts when the genetic transforms interfere with our body, after those cells will grow nonstop. All these cells may form a bunch called tumours so that cells are the basic units.

Types of cancer

There are four types of cancer based on where it begins, they are

  • Carcinoma: it begins in skin or tissue that covers the surface of internal organs.
  • Sarcoma: it begins in the tissue that supports and connects the body.
  • Leukemia: it is the type of cancer that spread and causes in blood.
  • Lymphomas: it is the cancer begins in lymphatic system.

Liver cancer

Liver cancer mainly causes in liver and it consists of malignant hepatic tumours in or on the liver.


Liver cancer may activate the many effects and they are,

  • Jaundice
  • Abdominal issues
  • Weight loss
  • Blown up liver
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Sickness
  • Itching
  • Fever
  • Back pain

Stages of cancer

Liver cancer has four stages

Stage 1

The tumours in liver has not spread to other organs is the beginning stage

Stage 2

Tumours that all remains in liver or one tumour that reaches blood vessels

Stage 3

Large tumour or one tumour that has reached main blood vessel

Stage 4

This is the final stage and it means it spreads to other parts of the body

Treatment for liver cancer

Treatment for liver cancer may vary from people and also depends on stages, in early stages it can be treated but it later stage the only way to cure is to remove the tumours completely by surgery so that it will lead to chance of recovery. Many patients who cannot make a permanent recovery are able to live long lives due to development in cancer treatment. Be healthy, lead a happy and long life.

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