Realme 3 to Be Launched in Q1

Realme 3 to Be Launched in Q1

Many users of the Smartphone from the Realme in recent times are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Realme 3 on the market. There are four models in the Oppo-spinoff namely Realme U1, Realme 2, Realme 2 Pro and the last one is Realme C1. As the successor of the Realme 2, Smartphone, Realme 3 and its related news gets ever-increasing attention from Smartphone users worldwide.

Realme has decided to bring a 48 megapixels camera phone to fulfil Smartphone related expectations of all users. The upcoming Realme 3 could make the highest possible competition for the smartphone Redmi Note 7 launched in China and gets renowned by its 48 megapixels camera sensor. Leading companies in the Smartphone market like Huawei and Motorola prepare for manufacturing the advanced designs of Smartphone with 48 megapixels camera sensor.

Mr. Madhav Sheth is the CEO of Realme and revealed that the company has been successfully working on the Realme 3 mobile with the 48-megapixel camera. On the other hand, he did not reveal the complete specifications and the cost of this new flagship. This company takes on all pros of the Redmi Note 7 recognized by its 48 megapixels camera phone.

The Redmi Note 7 was launched in the starting of this week as the first Smartphone model of the sub-brand Redmi by Xiomi. There are loads of highlights of this Smartphone. However, the main highlights are dual rear camera setup with the 48 megapixels Samsung GM1 sensor. This sensor is available with the f/1.8 aperture to take the best-in-class quality of photos.  There is another 5 megapixels sensor in this smartphone.

There is no clear idea about whether the Realme provides the Realme 3 with the 48 megapixels camera phone as a part of this series as this company has brought the previous models Realme 2 and Realme 2 pro as the distinctive Smartphones under the same range. Realme has geared up for opening its exclusive experience stores throughout India in the second half of this year. Almost every user of the Smartphone from the Realme brand can get an array of favorable things from these experience stores.  They will get 100% satisfaction from the improved use of their favourite Smartphone without any difficulty.

The CEO Sheth revealed that the company has been working on the structure and principles with an aim to find the suitable location for its first exclusive experience store. This important move is similar to how companies like Xiami and OnePlus have successfully expanded the local presence by properly opening exclusive experience stores all through the nation.

The Realme has decided to expand its existing Smartphone lineup by launching the Realme A1.  This company has more than four million users worldwide and debuted as an Oppo sub-brand wherein it has launched the smartphone Realme 1 as the first Smartphone. This company announced its separation from the Chinese company soon after the remarkable success of the Realme 1 Smartphone. Every user of the Smartphone with an interest to invest in a brand-new Smartphone in recent times is eagerly focusing on the latest news about the Realme 3.

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