Selfies are breezy, but how about the smart phones that are as energetic as framework?


We all have come a long way. Since 2003, a flappable mobile phone device was launched that addressed a 0.3 pixel rate camera, which could be twisted to look the caller. Thus, the initial mobile phone device with the front facing camera was born. After did this small invention, the developers and designers were known that this actually effortless feature would accompany an utterly fresh era of selfies. Now, the social media platform has made selfies as the lingua franca for the millennial in all over the world. A lot more in 2013, the Oxford dictionary has named a word as selfies in the world of the year.

After then, the influencers, celebrities and social media happy masses have started relying upon the trending poses to build their accurate selfies like fish-gape, duck-face and smize and more. Right now, almost everyone has twisted into this new era model cum photographer cum art director cum publisher and the picture retouches as well. Indeed, they have come a long way as much as possible. At the same time, there are more changes have made too. But, they are not in the foremost decades of 2000 anymore, now it is 2018.

Actually, the skin softeners and front facing cameras with depth effects have become a norm. Presently, the standards have increased to a great level in which purchasing the upcoming smart phone is not only about a resolution, but also clarity of the selfies camera as well. Also, it is a wide-ranging choice that you make on this platform and the apps that experience in your hand, specifically the aesthetics and color proposals. Overall, this is what perfectly what the latest OPPO F9 Pro is all concerning.

Let’s smash the visualization with F9 Pro

The OOPO F9 Pro has set to launch this year and also already has encouraged more waves specifically unsettled to its distinct edge-to-edge water drop display. Of course, this smart phone advertizes an eye-catching 90.8% screen-to-body proportion as well as ever-strong slash has been offered a shape of the drop of water. This OPPO F9 Pro will also be well equipped with the VOOC Flash Charge capabilities of OPPO. This means that, it guarantees as much as dual hours of converse time in switch over of just five minutes of charging a device.

Oppo F9 Pro
Oppo F9 Pro

But what has impressed is the maximum spotlight in the future OPPO F9 Pro is its ultimately vibrant as well as lively outlook. With the advent of modern technology, the Neoteric F9 Pro will move towards in three fundamental color variants such as Sunrise red, Starry Purple and Twilight Blue, which all in comforting sloping blueprints. In addition to, the blue and red variants are invented to obtain the diamond shaped patterns on the back, whereas the purple is expected to have a sparkling outline that reflects the night sky. That is why; the smart phone such as OPPO F9 pro is highly attracted by people; because of its energetic gradient colors such as Manish Aurora that would be wholly designed with an attire line-up.

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