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The Russian President Vladimir Putin on nuclear war: USA pushes the world closer to the dangerous line

The USA is threatening to suspend that a cold war treaty by limiting the missiles in the medium range as it says one of the weapons of the Russia violates the agreement.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the entire world underestimates the overall risks of the nuclear war. He blamed the USA for risking a notable collapse in the worldwide arms controls. He insisted that Washington was definitely to blame.

Putin also revealed that how and why people leave the treaty on the elimination of the short as well as middle range missiles. He referred to the administration of the Trump while answering this question. It is really hard to imagine the way in which the overall situation evolves and situation after such missiles appear in Europe.

Experts in the nuclear forces worldwide in our time agree that Russia is violating the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty. This treaty was signed by the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and President Ronald Reagan in 1987.

On the other hand, some of these analysts criticized that President of the USA for walking away from the INF treaty. They argue that eliminating it does not bring Russia into this line. This situation triggers the arms race with nuclear missiles based on the ground return to Europe for the first time.

Putin also said that no negotiation with the USA for extending the New START. This separate treaty caps arsenals of various weapons in particular intercontinental ballistic missiles. However, this treaty expires in 2021. Countries like the U.S. not interested to become a part of this treaty or do not require it.

Putin also warned that the nuclear war leads to extermination of the complete civilization. The Russia is aware of how to secure the safety of the nation in all the possible ways. There is no compromise on the favorable things for humanity because the nuclear war and its related issues take human beings close to the dangerous lines. This serious question has to be answered at first. Every country has to avoid underestimating the possibilities of the nuclear war. In our time, many people witness that collapse of the nuclear containment related international system.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on nuclear war

The U.S. and Russia own the majority of nuclear warheads in different countries worldwide. Putin boasted that the country has some nuclear capable weapons like an intercontinental ballistic missile designed and used for defense systems useless. Lawmakers as well as elites have to focus on this issue on a regular basis and make optimistic changes in the international law associated with the nuclear weapons.

Putin appeared to back the decision of the Trump to pull American troops out of the Syria with a sizeable caveat. He agrees with the Trump in terms of the victory over ISIS achieved by the American troops and troops from other countries as far.  All these troops achieved notable changes in the fight against the terrorism in this dangerous territory. They have executed very serious blows to ISIS in different parts of the Syria.

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