Why France is one of the best tourist places around the world

Why France is one of the best tourist places around the world

France is a place where more tourists are attracted easily and it has 28 UNESCO heritage sites. The capital of France is Paris and the president of France is EMMMANUEL MACRON. The Eiffel tower is the modern emblem of France and their tradition, culture, region and many things you must not miss when you visit the France. France ranking fifth place in tourism and beats UK, US, china and Japan and it has 37 sites inscribed in UNESCO world heritage list and features cities or sites of high cultural interest

Disneyland PARIS and WALT Disney studio parks are the most popular one and those theme parks have more adventurous games and thrilling games. Dry games also present there and you can enjoy with more fun and joy.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower is the landmark of France and it is one of the world’s most famous landmarks. The tower is with structure of 8000metallic parts and visitors were impressed by towers size and its height.

Louvre Museum

Louvre museum ranks top among European collections and fine arts, the collection speaks about wealth of kings who ruled and lived in Louvre Museum. It has collection of 30000 arts works, countless masterpieces. It’s impossible to saw all those in one day or one week and therefore it took long time.

Mont Saint Michel

It is one of the Frances most popular landmark ’the pyramid of seas is mystical sight with islands, islets, together will walls. At high tide in a sea level the MONT SAINT MICHEL in looking likes an island. At low tide it is looking like it’s possible to walk across sand to MONT SAINT MICHEL. It was built in 11th century by abbey. The church present nearby and it has been an important pilgrimage place of spirituality,

Loire Valley

In loire valley there are many woodlands, river valleys, trees, mountains, towers etc .The most famous LOIRE VALLEY is purely for enjoyment with nature joy and entertainment and the place built for king FRANCIS 1. In 2016 the France had 826 million international visitors more than USA and Spain and in 2016 France become first country in the world to ban supermarkets and food stores from threw away unsold foods and snacks. If we measure land area in France, France is biggest country in European Union. The vineyards in France produce more litters of wine each year, it is one of the biggest wine producers in the world and the France created record in producing 47 billion hectolitres of wine.

Foods in France

The French people always love to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, grapes and alcohol play an important role here and they use white wine in many dishes they make. They always make a party to celebrate with their family and neighbours and they make like buffet to share the food and have a great fun. Don’t miss the cakes and deserts in France because all their deserts are too yummy to eat.

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