Why hockey is the world’s favorite sport


Since mid 18th century, the dawn of a new sport is called hockey. In fact, the hockey has been played since its invention and it was introduced at the Summer Olympic Games. After that, the women’s hockey was started a little bit later. Basically, the hockey is one of the most popular games loved by the entire countries in all over the world. The foremost hockey club was established at Black Heath, London in the year of 1849. Basically, the hockey is a game that was initially played on nettle by using curled sticks as well as a stiff ball. Increasingly, this sport has become most popular and normally went to be played on the natural grass.

Today, hockey is the world’s favorite sport and widely plays on the sand based and water based artificial grass. The ice hockey is also a most exciting game that is usually played on ice. Generally, there are several various kinds of hockey games available such as roller hockey, ice hockey, quad, etc. However, each game of hockey has its own set of rules to be followed. In most of the cases, the hockey sticks can be used to play this game that look like J-shaped and also specially made with wood, fiber or glass and also in some cases of carbon fiber. On the other hand, the ice hockey is played on ice that is flat on the surface.

hockey is the world’s favorite sport
hockey is the world’s favorite sport

Top reasons why hockey is the peak sport on planet

We all mostly aware of a hockey sport. Definitely, the hockey is an undoubted best sport on the earth. But if you actually want some additional believable, below are lists of top reasons that make hockey the superior sport on the planet that includes:

  • It’s easily played on the big sheet of ice
  • The players have an ability to control this game
  • The hockey is absolutely a team sport
  • In terms of speed, no other sport even comes close to the hockey
  • The immediate playoff format available
  • The hockey players are actually fighters
  • Well, how very funny the hockey jargon is
  • The goal celebrations are awesome in hockey
  • Hockey is an excellent sport stuffed with the superstitions and ethnicities
  • Hockey players are really pleasant guys

How to play field hockey?

The field hockey or a game of hockey as it is sometimes called as, which had been originated thousands of years ago. Traditionally, the hockey sport is played on grass, but also can be played on a wide range of surfaces such as sand based or water based artificial turf and gravel. Most commonly, the hockey is now widely played on the synthetic surfaces, specifically at the higher levels such as Olympics. In fundamental terms, the hockey is a two team sport that views each team can utilize the curved sticks to move a small tough ball on a pitch, i.e. the ultimate aim is being able to obtain the ball into a goal. Thus, the field goal of hockey is referred to a goal from the open play that could only be scored from inside the shooting circle.


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